Thursday, October 23, 2014


Tiffany Tang is another Laureate International Universities staff who writes. That's enough to make me tolerated my academic book and swapped with this last Friday. Tiffany used to work as a Financial Controller so I think listening to what she has to say about financial intelligence among the youth, whom she probably has observed throughout the days working in her university makes is worth an effort. 

Though I may not be classified as a youth anymore, however, when it comes to financial, nobody is ever too young or old to make a mistake about it. I was so curious about this book I finished it in a day!

What I love about this book?

  • Slim and easy to carry

  • It gives me financial exercise

  • It teaches me about financial surplus and deficit which I think is the best lesson I got from this book

  • It tells me how to blog and earn a living!

  • It makes me feel that having many streams of income is a good idea and relevant unlike, how some crazy people think it is stupid and childish. Tell me how money-making is childish!

This book is not for you to purchase for me as I borrowed from my university. 

However, if you got a good book to share about, do drop me a comment down here. 

BOOK REVIEW - The Top 10 Distinctinons Between Entrepreneurs and Employees

Here's one of the book I purchased at RM5.00 from the Big Bad Wolf, Seremban recently. Well, I do not have the allocation for books at this moment but I found the title irresistable and worth a purchase...and so I did!

There's a few reasons why I think this book is worth purchasing (other than the needs to read, of course!):

  • It's sleek - It's just roughly a palm size - slightly longer but small enough to be put into my handbag and be picked out from it whenever I have time to read.

  • I love books with blurbs 

  • This book is my first book in which an author tells me the history of the type he uses in this entire book. While this is just less than a page information, I think has successfully added value to the book. 

  • Keith Cameron Smith, the author of this book arranges his topics from 10 to 1 making you stick to read this book from cover to cover! Awesome!

  • I love the Distinction 3 - which Keith talks about the people we choose in our lives contributes to our mindset. Indeed!

  • Foreword by Sharon Lechter - Need introduction? She's the co-author of the United States' best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad

If you are from Malaysia and would like to buy this book from me, feel free to contact me at 

Any good books you would like to suggest me to read and review? Leave a comment.

Monday, October 20, 2014

When All You Want Is Doggy

Last week as there was Selawat Perdana in Melaka, we were also fighting our iman in having to face an event by Carlsberg. For some reason, I wonder how could the government be so resistant from the teaching of Al-Quran about what is halal and haram? And so, comes another story this week...the doggy!

There are in the life of some people whom keep thinking of the petty issues rather than the big pictures. While it is not wrong to analyse small matters, it is however; more important to take the small piece of a big picture to make the whole picture clear and complete. What I'm trying to say here is, if this "FEAR  NOT OF DOGS" campaign is organised in order to hakis rasa takut kepada anjing (as what I saw being quoted today), why not you think of rasa takut pada Pencipta anjing itu sendiri?

While some people may seem to think that all sins are to be forgiven Allah guarantee us in his ayat saying that "My blessings out-stand my anger" it shouldn't then, for us to belittle Allah for His Kindness. The golden rule of Islam for me is simple, "both halal and haram are clear. Muhammad s.a.w. is Allah's messenger." 

While I don't mind you wanting your doggy, I seriously think you should ask yourselves this:

Allah said everything on this earth recite the tasbih in the name of Allah. What do you think the dogs look at you as?

Well, when all that you asked for is doggy, I have this to say to you. I'm sorry it's in Malay anyway.

Hadis Malaikat Tak Masuk Rumah Ada Anjing & Gambar

Daripada Aisyah r.a beliau berkata: “Telah berjanji Jibril dengan Rasulullah akan datang dalam suatu waktu, pada ketika janji itu telah tiba waktunya, Jibril tidak datang. Di tangan Nabi ada sebatang tongkat, maka baginda buang tongkat itu sambil berkata: “Tuhan dan RasulNya tidak akan menyalahi janji”. Kemudian Nabi melihat ke sebelahnya, maka baginda melihat ada anak anjing di bawah tempat tidurnya.

Maka baginda bertanya: “Bila masuknya anjing ini?” Siti Aisyah menjawab: “Saya tidak tahu”. Lalu disuruh usir keluar anjing itu. Setelah anjing itu keluar datanglah Jibril dan Nabi terus bertanya: “Engkau berjanji denganku akan datang dan aku menunggu tetapi engkau tidak datang”. Jawab Jibril: “anjing yang berada di rumahmu yg menghalangi aku, kerana Kami (Malaikat) tidak masuk ke dalam rumah yang ada di dalamnya anjing dan gambar"
Hadis Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim



How are you everyone. If there's one think I should be grateful for 2014 is none other than the abundance of ilmu I'm getting. Subhanallah. Praise be to Allah The All Mighty. 

Look at what has just launched. I had seen the word KINDLE some weeks ago when I was looking for a book on, but I did not pay much attention to it. However, when I checked this out today, well, I think this is worth the pay. 

FREE Kindle to enable you to read anywhere anytime you like on your gadget!!!

Well, isn't it amazing? Well, I personally agree that I prefer the old-fashion way, but having to have small books downloaded or accessible on my telephone, well, I think that's fine with me. At least I can still be said having a book with me that way. LOL! 

Alright, that's all for now. Do check out what's in store for you this week. 

Have a good day!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Book Review: The Top 10 Distinctions between Entrepreneurs and Employees

Finally, even not included in this month's budget, I grabbed a book on business that are way off my usual pick. 

On Wednesday (1/10/2014), as I was upset over a minor problem in the university, I decided to end the day with a visit to the Big Bad Wolf (It's a book fare) here in Seremban. 

Actually, having to come home again means I do not have to spend on books as libraries are accessible both in town and on campus, as well as not to mention some of the books I have in my collection that are yet to be touched. Whatever I bought last year are sure untouched as usually I spend the year end longer in my office library than any time around the year. Okay now, what about the book?

Keith Cameron Smith is a new author to me, and though I purchased the book at RM5.00 for the hardcover copy, I should say that the book serves me excellently. With the blurbs that keeps my reading at ease, the size of the book is also small enough for me to put it into my handbag. Plus, it is not heavy for a hardcover copy. 

You are forced to read!

Because of the way the topics are structured in it, you are forced to read non-stop. I had fun for this matter. Keith arranged the 10th point as the first part of the book, making you flip from one page to another trying to speed up yourselves to reach into the #1 point. 

I remember a chapter so well as it is so motivating for me to keep it in mind. It was:

Entrepreneurs fly with eagles.

Employees peck with the chicken. 

It also talk about how your relationship can actually affect your working performance. The person you choose to be with  influence your life as well. Finally, Keith mentioned that eagles fly while chicken fry. That sentence, impacted me a lot. This book had a foreword from Sharon Letcher. I personally forgot what she wrote but I know I had read her too. Just forget what it was at this moment of writing. 

Anyway, I've checked this title on my and here's the link if you would like to purchase. Personally, I think it is way cheaper on the than from anywhere else. I dunno, you try it here. Have a good read, everybody.