Monday, September 1, 2014

See you at Halfest 2014

Alhamdulillah today we are quietly busy unpacking 3000 flyers which will be distributed to all participants and visitors of Malaysia's Halfest 2014.

This event will start on 3rd - 7th of September 2014 situated at Mines International Expo Convention Center (MIECC) , Seri Kembangan.

See you all there!!! For more info, do call us at 017-2876792.


Hi, I think it is nice to share about my experience as an affiliate member of in which I just signed in yesterday. The long weekend due to our Independence Day had given me ample time to try this old-but-new-to-experience joy. I first heard of some time in 2006 when I graduated and was looking for ideas to start up a business. Worrying it would be costly, I never tried the website until yesterday.

Why Do I choose

  • Well, for simplest reason - who doesn't know ?  
  • The product range can be customised according to your interest. This means, you can decide what products you would like to display on your website / blog
  • QUALITY! QUALITY! QUALITY! Their products are good, undoubtedly!
  • Easy payment system
  • It's easy to put up the banner or link. Everything is just a click away.

 I strongly suggest that those who would like to enjoy passive income while doing nothing, this is it! 
I should've done this ages ago!  Enjoying every cents from it. It's like my piggy bank gets fatter everyday by just staring at it! YAY!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


How old are you this year on our Merdeka or Independence Day? I'm 30. Not much of a freedom but a figure fair enough to tell me that this year is the best year to feel victorious during this Independence Day. 

Independence has its own meaning to everyone, I believe. It is a beautiful thing to know that whenever a person crack a silly joke, you are abrupt at laughing your lungs out about it. It is also meaningful to come back home everyday after work to be happy to see your family. In fact, it is also lovely just to know that you are allowed to do whatever you think is right without having to worry what others might say about you for taking certain actions in your life. That to me, is independent enough. I could not describe it any better but the joy of having to be who you are is more than good to know that you are free from other people's dictation. 

As much as Independence is often reflected in a state of a country, independence starts from your heart. As a matter of fact, everything we do starts from the heart. Intention, that's what Islam teaches us in regard to this hearty matter. 

I hope everyone reading this will understand how it feels to be free. Don't forget that this world was first created free for everyone. It is us, humans who make the rules to ridicule the purposes of living itself. Smell the freshly cut grass at your lawn today. Look up the sky and zikir. Run after the salted sea water and zikir for only in the remembrance of Allah doth the heart find peace and so does independence. It comes from the heart.

What do you do today to make yourself feel free ? Leave your answer in the comment. Have a good long weekend :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fabric flowers for wedding veil

How do you like these fabric flowers?

Making it for someone's wedding veil. *wink*

Open for order. Custom-made fabric flowers available for you.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book review - Love & Garbage

I love this book. As simple as that. On Wednesday, I made an appoint that I must start frequenting the library as it will soothe my curiosity about what is inside the university library. Actually, I am glad that the university is very American because my whole life I wish I will not go to America because for me it is very far (despite the fact that I had traveled to 3 continents of the world, I still have this fear. RARE!).

I supposed to look out for books for the subject I was teaching but since I had accidentally locked my handbag full of laptop and notes in the automated locker, I had forced myself to talk to the librarian. She said I am allowed to borrow up to 6 books. A delightful fact it was to me! I ended up with only 3 books and one of them is this, entitled Love And Garbage by Ivan Klima whose work is translated into English from Czech. 

Initially I had searched for the books I wanted for my lectures at its online search area, as I combed the library aisle through aisle, I some time smiled alone at the lines of philosophy and motivational books. I had read almost all of them, I thought. I always love reading books like that. Then, I went down deeper into the library looking for the books according to the codes I had jotted down. At one point, I stopped and put my pencil case at a spot. I knew it would be the spot of the day. I couldn't find any books starting with P90 (for communication skills) so I approached a huge-sized librarian. I spoke in Malay before he asked me to speak in English. Then I felt amazed. Where am I exactly?!

He asked me to go to the ground floor of the library. A huge quiet section. I was already informed where P90 is located but instead of going straight to the aisle, I made the library my playground. From one aisle to another and finally I reached to P90. Unfortunately, P90 was after the shelves where literature texts are. Another tempting attraction to me - books in hard-cover bindings with very ancient edges, the yellowing sheets of flimsy papers and the usual smell they have made me smile alone again. I decided not to touch any of them as I looked at the titles, but I was glad I met Dickens, Tom Sawyers and the 2 sibling-writers whose name I forgot but were there too. 

Upon seeing this book by Ivan Klima, I did not even looked at its blurb as they are sealed with the book cover. Didn't even care for who the writer was. Not even attracted because of the word love and certainly was not amused by the word garbage. But I was attracted to the colour of the cover. The cover page gives me a long stare into it. It's a very calming scene yet an inquisitive one as the lady did not even smile at all. I rushed to the upper level and came back to the spot where I had left my pencil case.

I dived into all the books I had chosen and concluded that all I needed for my lecture were only 2 books. The rest of the time, I spent reading Love & Garbage. I love it from the beginning. It's about this guy who was considering his life at where he was and life at his hometown. To him, being in a foreign land is unlike what many people think - glamourous - in which he actually feel that he is nothing more than just another immigrant in someone else's land. Though living in his own hometown may be plain boring, he sees that it has its own advantage and one of it is to be able to listen to your native language being spoken. At this point, I was badly reminded of my brother who is now in France. Though he speaks fluent French now, I who had the first hand experience of speaking our mother tongue in foreign land with our local Malaysians at that time was very much a great experience. That was somewhere in Paris when I decided to call a local friend I knew through Facebook to meet me and brother. We met and as we talked, we were talking in Malay, and suddenly I noted them, "hey, we are speaking our language here. Do you know it is so touching to me?" and one of us said, "indeed. I feel it deeper as it's been 9 years now for me here." For a moment all of us kept quiet. I was staring up the ceiling - you know, the French and their artistic talents always have their ceilings painted with unknown stories. My brother and the other guy were staring down. It was as if we were mourning but the effect did not seized that day as it continue when he texted me that he was glad and had mixed feeling that me and brother had decided to meet up.

At another time, I also feel that this book talks about my feelings when I was in Sabah. But to make things worse, it speaks as if it was my husband who is the narrator of the story. Sometimes reading it makes me feel scared of what goes in my mind as my eyes read each word of it but sometimes I laugh. People like my husband do exist. Their existence is proven by this book even though it is not necessarily has to be the author himself. Good night, everyone. I'm want to go back to my bed to be by the side of this book. Thank you, Ivan for making me smile in great satisfaction in my on bed. *wink*