Thursday, November 27, 2014

The last lecture

If you've read the book (entitled The Last Lecture), then let me assure you that this is not my book review, rather it is about my very own last lecture. 

I am lucky this year to have come back into the education line again, as now a lecturer. Though it is no longer a passion for me to come back into the crowd, I nonetheless admit that education and me berpisah tiada (knows no separation). This week is my last lecture week for the semester. 

At this moment of typing this I am still having some whatsApp conversation with my students as we discuss about the exam, the tests that they have sat and also our dinner plan tomorrow. I surely gonna miss this. It strikes 12 midnite now and it's 28/11/2014. A year ago this time I was amazed and was looking forward for 28/12/2013. There's so much I learned throughout this one year, among those is definitely to learn not to do bad things to others as the guilt of doing it, in my opinion and perspective, is greater felt than the torture of being the oppressed. That is also how I learn to forgive. Because only by forgiving I found out that I can stop thinking about the cruelty of those doing the oppression. 

Certainly my students had taught me a lot to - of surviving the hardship of living with my past, facing the reality and certainly the joy of having a lot of everyone to laugh with in the class. But I must say, this year being a lecturer, I learn a lot from the students. A lot that I believe in some ways and days that they had realised they were teaching me new things and allowing me new experiences with them, they had taken the pride and honour for having to do it. 

A student of mine while doing his survey presentation quoted that the best encounter he had throughout the survey he conducted was to see my eagerness in his survey form. I giggled at that. Another student claimed that he is a very shy person, a young man with few words but during his assignment, he discovered the joy of speaking to random people. He was overjoyed to find this out in himself that he cheered and glowed as he shared his experience during the class presentation. Nonetheless, I also had heard stories of a young girl who had been leaving in the desert and we discussed food variation from the countries we both had been to. Many Muslim students of mine also taught me a few new surahs. 

One of the girls taught me the Mulk, in which after that I found out it has become my routine. Alhamdulillah. Another sayyid student taught me the tertib in dealing  ilmu and he based his explanation from surah Mujadala. MasyaAllah tabarakallah. I learned a lot. The last thing I learned from my students last few weeks was ikhtilat. I am blessed Allah has sent them to be my students. At the same time, I also thank Allah for giving me the kindness of heart to accept lessons from those, who supposed to be my students, but had taken charge of sharing and teaching me more than what I know whenever they have time and chance to do it. MasyaAllah.

Last but not least, in my heart there is always Dr Maserat who came from Karachi University and I met in the surau one day during zohor. We discussed the issues on academic, Islam and the ways Muslim women wear here in Malaysia.

May Allah keep us company with friends and people who can guide us to the deen and with the best attitude and akhlak towards ilmu. Semoga Allah melapangkan dada kita dan melembutkan hati-hati kita untuk menerima dan menyampaikan ilmu yang bermanfaat. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Top 10 Tools for Beading (10 Alatan Penting Menjahit Manik)


What are your top 10 tools in beading? 

Here are mine. Saya akan citerkan apa sebab benda ni semua penting untuk saya ye:

10) Lighting! Lighting! Lighting!

Lighting sangat penting supaya mata kita tak cepat letih. Bila
rasa letih mulalah ngantuk dan bengkak.

Photo credit to Syed Munawir. Location: Library of Uni.of Adelaide, Aus.

9) Fabric

Kain sangat penting bagi saya. Selain memudahkan kerja, sebenarnya bukan semua
pakaian cantik bermanik. Trust me.

8) Jarum!

The best adventure is really in finding the best needle for each bead. Menarik.

7) The right materials for the right fabric

The mixture of fabric and stones are important for me because
failure to understand this chemistry may damage the beauty
of your customers' fabric. 

6) Books for reference 

We do need to learn new designs and be inspired sometimes

5) My Space!

4) Penetas

Not a favourite tool yet it's important
Photo: Google Search Result

3) Scissors of various sizes

Who doesn't know Edward Scissorshand

I find it hard to explain why various sizes matters but all I can say is they serve different purpose

2) Water Eraseable Pens

It's always better than the air eraseable pen. Designs which  disappear while beading can make me go crazayyyyy!

1) Camera


Well, if not camera, what else makes an ordinary design looks extraordinarily beautiful? 

Apa alatan yang penting untuk anda menjahit? Mungkin pendapat kita berbeza. Jom share. Tinggalkan cerita anda di ruangan komen. 

Untuk menempah jahitan manik, hubungi kami di 017-2876792. 

Harga upah bermula pada RM75.00 dan berbeza-beza mengikut budget pelanggan, jenis fabrik dan design yang anda pilih.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

What a day!

Alhamdulillah.  Berlaku dgn berlapang dada dan bersenyum2. Alhamdulillah. May next time pergi dgn mahram pulak, InsyaAllah.
Terima kasih Dyg Ain tlg pack kan barang malam td. Thanks pakcik and makcik. Tersentuh gak tgk makcik sedih teringat kisah bulan 5 dulu tp xpelah makcik, saya kan dah ok.
BKI-KUL today, 9.50-12.20

Tarikh yang takkan kulupakan. 
Banyak betul tarikh yang takkan dilupakan. Last, last...semua lupa. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Seorang hamba Allah used to tell me that whenever a post on Facebook about agama is done, it is always come with riak, so that's why he said he stopped doing it. He also said it's not even needed to post anything on agama online. He said that to my family as to oppose my action. True, I admitted that the day that I found his wife dismayed my name on her own Twitter account, as she then came to my house admitted to have committed it, I revenged for a very long time on everything on all the social media, but finally I stopped as I found out it was so sickening to have the attitude like them and I had misused the media that it dismayed my name in return. But nonetheless, I still disagree to the idea that posting anything on religion online is a form of riak. Riak lies in the heart and whatever that you make dzohir comes from the heart, hence; the intention becomes the root of all actions. 

But I hope this video explains why stopping it or stop doing it is the real form of riak. Maybe at that time Allah shut my mouth from telling this simply because 1) I had no sufficient knowledge 2) berbalah-balah pun tak guna kalau kita dah tau mana yang betul dan salah. Sebaik-baiknya ialah istiqamah pada jalan yang benar.


Madad Ya Rasulullah

I'll be receiving the last parcels of all my kitchen household tomorrow. Thanks to Dayang Ain's parents for taking all the trouble to assist me with this. Even to face tomorrow aku tak mampu and tak mampu menahan air mata, but I nonetheless thank Allah for I had passed by yesterdays successfully with sufficient strength out of His Rahmat, certainly. Syukran ya Rabb. Ya Musaweer, change my heart to a new healed one. Ya zal jala li wal ikram, put me away from suul khotimah. MasyaAllah.

Sharing with you here is a selawat I have always kept on my laptop since zaman kat university in order to keep me calm selalu. Madad Ya Rasulullah.