Monday, September 15, 2014

Amazon's Monday


I think I have begun to love Amazon more and sharing of what they have online makes me feel excited. Perhaps it's the product and not the service. Well, I hadn't purchase anything from them so far, so I have no idea how the experience of purchasing with them may be. As crazy as I can get about the Versace Exhibition in KL, I am also thrilled to shop for Chanel's new make up range but... I wanted to get my Prada purse this month and suddenly, my mum gave her Gucci which she got it from London yearssssss ago. Seriously I never love Gucci. It's old people's brand! But have a look at these coats! Ma gawd!

Amazon's Monday and Going back To School

Approximately, I have come back on campus almost a month, but still I believe some universities and schools around are in their beginning of the semester. We're somehow in the middle of first quarter of our semester, busy with our Zumba, Video Advertisement Project and Selfie Competition organised for and by the students. We, the lecturers are yet to see the outcome.

As always, Monday is for me to dedicate an entry about what I find nice from and here's what I have for you. School list!!!

Give it a try!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Amazon's Monday

Hi, everyone. Since I've been reviewing books quite a number these days (been enjoying my time having ample time between my lecture, my needlework and coffee, of course), I'd like to share something I found on last weekend. now has Amazon Trade-in, which gives you the chance to trade in your books to them. For me as an adorn lover of books, this is just beautiful. Even though I had never traded anything to my books (as I used to have my own public library in the premise where my tuition center operated), I still find that this is appealing because it is hard for us to find places to swap / trade in books. 

With Amazon Trade in, you are earning 80% of what you spent on the books. Having said that, I wish one day would have a place to allow all of us to swap books. I have always loved to swap books.

Have any books to swap with me? Or wanting me to review? I'd love to read. Text me at +60172876792  or leave your comments below

Friday, September 5, 2014


I would like to begin this entry with Charlie "Tremendous" Jones' video who talks about his library. Does he really have one eye as we see on this video? But look at how much he has read!

Recently when I started to frequent my university library and fell for Ivan Klima's book entitled Love & Garbage I did share with you how I started browsing the aisle smiling alone at the philosophy and motivational books. You could have wondered why was I smiling and how I ended up reading the whole day at a spot. 

To tell you the truth, after that particular visit, I drove home with the thought of my lost library. When I sold my tuition center, I sold the space I had created for myself, the orphans and the students to hide, play, or plainly have their own personal space. While I was the boss, I would often spend my time in the library reading my books which I often mark with a bookmark and just leave it in the library allowing students to check on what I was reading once I turned my back to my work station. I did know and aware that they checked on what I read based on the fact that my bookmarks were sometimes gone missing. On another worse occasion, sometimes my students begged me for the books they liked. One fond memory about it was when a student begged me for Lady Diana's biography which was written by one of the Buckingham Palace's workers. That was my very first copy about Lady Diana which I bought at age 14 with all my hard-earned money; money that I collected for weeks without buying food in the canteen. LOL. I finally surrendered to my student as it is more difficult to engage someone to reading that to buy a book. It was a valueless request I had to honour. 

On another occasion, many of my lecturers had taken the initiative to come early to the tuition center just to ensure they have enough time to read the books in the library. Until the day that  had sold the tuition center, I remember a teacher came to me and claimed that she had not returned a book she borrowed from my library and I said, I gave it to her as my last bid of charity to my staff. 

"If you were to build a home library,what would you consider first? The space? The shelves or the books?"

The library was to me a creative but constructive way of reprimanding my students. As you know, reading is not liked by many irregardless of age and background. Ask yourselves you like to read good books? So, during my class, however talks will be asked to pick a book from the library and read aloud in class. This is often turned out to be a funny activity by them and sometimes they rather doomed themselves in the library alone rather than having to read aloud in class. 

Now that it is totally gone, I dearly miss my library, but the question is, if you were to build a home library, what would you consider first? The space? The shelves or the books?All my books are with me in my bedroom but too bad they are not serving anyone except me the way they once were. However, I am glad enough that I am now back in town to at least think of how I can do the same thing again with these books. 

If you were in my shoes, what one action would you take in making sure that your library exist again? Write your opinion in the comment column. I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It's amazing how technology really connect people. One of my sisters used to tell me that with technology everything becomes easy. I was snapped at that and replied to her, "if technology can replace human, than nobody needs anybody." She replied persuasively the next day.

Speaking of that, I actually would love to share my experience about how I accidentally felt that someone could teach another people so many things with technology as a medium. I was on YouTube when I found out that there is a scholar whose lessons are of what I never heard of. On another occasion, as I was trying to revive this blog and to refine its content, I came across Michael Hyatt's video on YouTube. I should say that I am still blur of what is the function of this blog. What else should it serve you other than my collections of beads-sewn on clothes which I scarcely do it now due to time factor and my slow-motioness due to lack of practice and ideas? However it is, I find book review is a good idea. It is good for me because after every book is read, writing about it makes me feel so rightful to speak about it and it is so much fun and memorable to me. And for you, perhaps it serves as to enable you to consider your next reading material. 

Anyway, what matter most today is that I want you all to get as inspired as I am after watching Michael Hyatt's video. It talks about blogging but along the timeline of this video, I fell into my imagination and all he said turned to be very inspiring for my life instead. LOL. How can that be?