Sunday, November 23, 2014

A date to remember

What a day!

Alhamdulillah.  Berlaku dgn berlapang dada dan bersenyum2. Alhamdulillah. May next time pergi dgn mahram pulak, InsyaAllah.

Terima kasih Dyg Ain tlg pack kan barang malam td. Thanks pakcik and makcik. Tersentuh gak tgk makcik sedih teringat kisah bulan 5 dulu tp xpelah makcik, saya kan dah ok.

BKI-KUL today, 9.50-12.20

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Seorang hamba Allah used to tell me that whenever a post on Facebook about agama is done, it is always come with riak, so that's why he said he stopped doing it. He also said it's not even needed to post anything on agama online. He said that to my family as to oppose my action. True, I admitted that the day that I found his wife dismayed my name on her own Twitter account, as she then came to my house admitted to have committed it, I revenged for a very long time on everything on all the social media, but finally I stopped as I found out it was so sickening to have the attitude like them and I had misused the media that it dismayed my name in return. But nonetheless, I still disagree to the idea that posting anything on religion online is a form of riak. Riak lies in the heart and whatever that you make dzohir comes from the heart, hence; the intention becomes the root of all actions. 

But I hope this video explains why stopping it or stop doing it is the real form of riak. Maybe at that time Allah shut my mouth from telling this simply because 1) I had no sufficient knowledge 2) berbalah-balah pun tak guna kalau kita dah tau mana yang betul dan salah. Sebaik-baiknya ialah istiqamah pada jalan yang benar.


Madad Ya Rasulullah

I'll be receiving the last parcels of all my kitchen household tomorrow. Thanks to Dayang Ain's parents for taking all the trouble to assist me with this. Even to face tomorrow aku tak mampu and tak mampu menahan air mata, but I nonetheless thank Allah for I had passed by yesterdays successfully with sufficient strength out of His Rahmat, certainly. Syukran ya Rabb. Ya Musaweer, change my heart to a new healed one. Ya zal jala li wal ikram, put me away from suul khotimah. MasyaAllah.

Sharing with you here is a selawat I have always kept on my laptop since zaman kat university in order to keep me calm selalu. Madad Ya Rasulullah.

Syukran Ya Rabb

At the moment of writing this, I am reading surah Yusuf while waiting for my washing machine to complete its work. Another 2 pages and I stop for a while. As I yawned; I stared at my window. I smiled. Allah had returned me what I missed before. What is it? The peacefulness of life. MasyaAllah.

Ada satu doa yg mana masa di Mekah hari2 saya melafazkannya dan sikit sebanyak setiap hari sekarang saya melihat doa itu telah dikabulkan.  Hari2 I see it. I see it's getting nearer to me each day. InsyaAllah wa biiznillah. Maybe sebab tu saya bahagia. Kadang2 Allah bagi apa yg kita minta.  Tapi yang sebenarnya Allah akan bagi kita yang terbaik daripada apa yg kita mintak. MasyaAllah. Wallahualam.
Labaikallahumma labaik.
Labaikala syarikalakalab baik.
Innal hamda, wan nikmata,
Lakawal mulk, la syarikalak.
Aku datang menyahut seruanMu, Ya Allah.

Assalamualaika ya Rasulullah.